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Bell & Ross Diver 300 Chronograph fake watch Available On James List

Back in 2003, when the BR01 was a fresh pup, Bell & Ross released this Diver 300 Chronograph watch. There is actually a similar fake watch called the Bell & Ross Type Aeronavale (of which an image is placed here). The Diver 300 Chronograph is a great looking dive style fake watch that bridges a look between the modern versus old. True to Bell & Ros style, it is an effortlessly attractive fake watch with a simple presentation and an eye for details. Functional in feeling, the Diver 300 is a great looking daily wear.

The case is steel with a nice mixture of polished and brushed surfaces. It is 40mm wide, which might be too small for some, and perfect for others. The case is water resistant to 300 meters and has a sapphire crystal. I love how it looks on the metal bracelet. This specific bracelet is on a few other Bell & Ross replica watches and is truly fantastic. It is a bit hard to see, but the middle link is polished while the outside links are brushed. While the bezel on the Type Aeronavale is black on steel, the Diver 300 has an all steel engraved bezel. An interesting mix of an aviator and diver style bezel in design. When it comes down to it, this is in fact a hybrid between a diver and pilot watch.

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You can tell that there are three versions of the dial. White, black, and black with white chronograph subdials. The fake watch dial looks great. Vintage looking font for the Arabic numerals, with all the necessary marks for easy reading. Lots of SuperLumiNova on the dial. the hands are an interesting mix between the two genres as well.

Inside the fake watch is a Swiss ETA Valjoux 2894-2 automatic movement. The subsidiary seconds dial has been removed for the bi-compax look. The Type Aeronavale retains that dial. Really just a gorgeous timepieces, and a testament to the polished and refined style that Bell & Ross is thankfully know for offering. Price was originally $3,000 ?$4,000. But is available for less online these days.

See this Bell & Ross Diver 300 Chronograph fake watch available on James List here.

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